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5 SEO Tips for Your Website

1.Target your business specific keywords/key phrases

What questions are your ideal client searching for? What questions do you answer and what problems do you solve? What do you want to be known for?

2.Can search engines find your site?

Have a sitemap on your site so that the bots crawling for answers can index your content and share it with people Googling information about your copy and content.

3.Don’t waste opportunities for Page Ranks

Use internal links to direct your site visitors to further information on your site. This will keep them on your site longer and help your pages rank, for example your services or sales pages.

4.Don’t lose rankings because people can’t find you 

Always redirect pages when you have changed the URL or resigned your website. You don’t want errors causing people to think your site no longer works or exists.

5.Speed matters

 If your site is slow you risk using visitors as well as put rankings at risk. Search engines prefer fast loading sites. No one has time to waste.